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social business centre offices forlì

The idea of Social Business has been defined by Muhammad Yunus as a sustainable enterprise that deals mainly with problems of a social nature, reinvesting profits in society itself, aiming at self-sufficiency. Based on this philosophy Yunus Social Business Centres emerged as organizations that invest in the development and growth of Social Business aimed at solving community problems.

On April 18th 2018 Professor Muhammad Yunus and Department of Management inaugurate YSBC to the Forlì campus.

The YSBCs act primarily as accelerators of business projects, often defining markets or financing their ideas through investment funds. Furthermore, they support the study and promotion of social enterprises already present in the area, amplifying their effect on the community.

[..] I am happy to see a new development on various university campuses around the world. In the past ten years, many universities have added social business courses to their academic programs. There is a growing network of university programs in countries around the world where professors and students are researching, studying, experimenting with, and learning about new ways of organizing and growing economic activity.
Now universities located in all continents are establishing Yunus Social Business Centres (YSBCs) to teach courses, undertake researches, and to act as clearing houses for social business ideas for business leaders, foundations, NGOs, social activists, government organizations, financial institutions, and so on. Some of these centers hold social business design competitions to find social business solutions for problems that students identify on their campuses, in their nations, and even around the world. Graduate students are accepted in these centers to undertake deeper research on various aspects of social business. Social business academia conferences are held regularly in November in various lending cities of the world. Research papers are presented, and new programs and experiences are share through these conferences.
As a result, an increasing number of young people are developing the tools and insights they need to put new forms of economic thinking into practice, and to spread the new ideas even more widely in the future. [..]

Source: Yunus, M. (2017). A World of Three Zeros: The New Economics of Zero Poverty, Zero Unemployment, and Zero Net Carbon Emissions

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Main Activities:

  • Research
  • Baseline Study on Social Business
  • Case Studies to Portray Existing Social Businesses
  • Essay Competition
  • Social Business Workshops
  • Social Business Creative Labs
  • Practice
  • Monitoring of Social Business Plans
  • Mentoring of Social Business Plans
  • Social Business Hub / House
  • Internships
  • Social Business Idea Contest
  • Field Trips