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Unibo Activities


Alma2021 sets out the actions that are intended to implement the Strategic Plan and essentially summarises the planning process followed by the University Governing Bodies and the Departments. This website reports on the policy decisions made, the processes of governance implemented within the academic community and outside, the commitments made and the results actually achieved.


AlmaCube S.r.l. founded by the University of Bologna together with Confindustria Emilia-Area Centro, with the primary objective of generating excellent and highly innovative start-ups, accompanying young talents on a successful business path.


AlmaEClub is the open community for entrepreneruship of the University of Bologna, and has been launched early in 2017. The club is an open community of the University of Bologna faculty members and scholars aimed at spreading and foster the entrepreneurial culture within the university. The club provides participants the chance to learn about entrepreneurship, join a think tank and cotribute with ideas and competences to the development of specific projects.


Almavicoo is a University Center for the formation and promotion of the cooperative enterprise is a non-profit association that pursues educational, scientific and cultural purposes through definition advanced training programs for cooperaives staff,i mplementation of initiatives to promote innovation, meetings and initiatives for the inclusion of graduates of the University of Bologna in companies associated with Legacoop.

Philanthropy Centro Studi

Philanthropy Centro Studi is based in Forlì and it is specialized in Non-profit Assistance, Seminars, Conferences and Research on Fundraising and Non-profit. It was born in 2002 and over the years it has become the Center of excellence for Fundraising and Non-profit. In 2008 Philanthropy became the Association of Social Promotion with the aim of being the national observatory on Fundraising, and in 2012 Philanthropy became a member of the EU Consultation (European Association of Consultants and Not-for-profit Organizations).

Reporting on united nations sustainable development goals

Since 2016, the University of Bologna has a reporting tool, designed to offer a new measuring approach that allows to read the contribution of the different institutional activities carried out to achieve its sustainable development goals. The report is redacted by the University's Technical Scientific Committee for Social Reporting in collaboration with the University's academic and administration community.

StartUp Day Unibo

Startup day is the event organised by university of bologna to promote the merging of skills and entrepreneurial development in young people. The purpose of the startup day is to help students and graduates of the university of bologna to successfully kickstart their entrepreneurial ideas. University of Bologna counts more than 84.000 students, with skills in any field. This is an immensehuman capital: ambitions, energy, hopes, abilities. Everything one needs to create innovative projects.