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Impact Investing

The research team conducts empirical and multidisciplinary research to develop and disseminate knowledge about the development of the impact investing phenomenon in Italy, considering his impact both on the demand side (benefit companies, profit with purpose, social enterprises) and on the supply side (investors, intermediaries, venture capitalist, private debtor). This new additional area of research is included in the general aim of sustaining entrepreneurship, social enterprises and hybrid organitations.

Thanks to their academic background, the research team aims at giving a concrete contribution to overcoming barriers to scale this phenomenon and to empower social enterprises. The Research results are disseminated through scientific papers, reports, articles on national newspapers and sectoral magazines and online channels (website and social media).




  • Mapping the impact investing financial instrument in Italy with a complete description of their financial and social technical features, providing a clear new framework to classify them;
  • Analyzing the different style of investment of the impact investing Italian funds, monitoring the performance and the development of their investments;
  • Defining the investment readiness criteria that investors consider with respect to social purpose organizations in the impact investing Italian market, identifying the barriers between the demand and supply side and the possible solutions to solve this problem.