Master of Science (MSc) in Management for Social Economy

Where: School of Economics, Management and Statistics. University of Bologna – Forlì Campus

Duration: 2 years (120 ECTS)

Programme Director: Prof. Barbara Petracci

Language: English and Italian


The programme provides student with advanced knowledge and skills to cover managerial positions in social businesses, cooperatives and non-profit organisations, combining the knowledge required to manage businesses with economic and legal skill applied to the institutional complexity of Third sector organisations, allowing graduates to provide consulting and management support to social businesses, cooperative and non-profit organisations. These objectives are developed through learning activities which cover the main areas of interest, analyzing the theoretical and practical aspects of promotion techniques, funding, management and reporting of cooperatives and non-profit organisations, with specific studies in the health, social and cultural sectors. Training in management techniques is provided as part of a broader theoretical background which also covers sociological, ethical and economic aspects of the Third sector activities and the peculiarities of non-profit organisations.

Master in Fundraising and Public Entities 

Where: School of Economics, Management and Statistics. University of Bologna – Forlì Campus

Duration: Annual (60 ECTS)

Level: Executive

Programme Director: Prof. Valerio Melandri



The Master programme offers a training course that aims to provide specific skills in the fields of development, communication, social marketing, campaigning, inside or outside nonprofit organizations and public bodies. The Master also aims to train operators in the nonprofit world and public bodies, non-profit professionals and employees or executives of public companies in the profit world with fundraising skills (press office staff, relations with the nonprofit, ethic officer, corporate social responsibility office). Also offering skills to directors and managers of communication and marketing, responsible for external communication of profit and non-profit companies, public relations manager for the non-profit and profit world (non-profit area).

Professional Master Programme in Economics of Co-operation (MUEC)

Where: School of Economics, Management and Statistics. University of Bologna – Bologna Campus

Duration: Annual (60 ECTS)

Level: First

Programme Director: Prof. Flavio Delbono



The course is offered by the University of Bologna in collaboration with AICCON and is promoted by the Alliance of Italian Cooperatives and the three “historical” associations representing, assisting and protecting the Co-operatives Movement (AGCI, Confcooperative, Legacoop).