Advanced training Course in Management, strategy and impact finance for social entrepreneurship and the Third Sector

Where: School of Economics, Management and Statistics. University of Bologna

Duration: 84 hours

Level: Advanced

Programme Director: Prof. Federica Bandini


The course allows, in light of the evolution of the Third Sector and social enterprise and of the reform of the same, to achieve advanced preparation to hold managerial positions in social enterprises, cooperatives and non-profit organizations, combining the knowledge necessary for business management. with financial and fiscal skills. It also allows the acquisition of specific skills for professional consultancy activities, tax and business and management support for social enterprises, for cooperative companies and for non-profit organizations (foundations, aps, associations, etc.).

Advanced training Course in Welfare Community Manager. Culture, business models and design of innovative social services

Where: School of Economics, Management and Statistics. University of Bologna – Forlì Campus

Duration: 60 hours

Level: Advanced

Programme Director: Prof. Riccardo Prandini



The course, held under the direction of Prof. Riccardo Prandini (Full Professor, Department of Sociology and Law of Economics, University of Bologna), intends to form a new professional profile, the WELFARE COMMUNITY MANAGER, capable of generating well-being at the level territorial with a "social investment" approach.

The welfare community manager works in public, private or third sector organizations, to analyze the new social needs; designing and evaluating innovative and on-line solutions with a plurality of actors. The course provides useful tools to develop an entrepreneurial vision that activates sustainability mechanisms, intercepting external resources and nurturing partnerships.